We cover all aspects of a funeral that you would normally expect, with none of the extras you might not need or want. There is still plenty of room to tweak things, and we’ll happily guide you through all the options.

Keeping the funeral simple can allow for spontaneity and true meaning.

We offer you one point of contact throughout the logistical process and ceremony itself.

Our modern funerals start from: £2150 + cremation/burial fees.

Our fee covers

  • Our full support throughout the process
  • A relaxed family visit in person, or conversation via Zoom to discuss options
  • Help to complete the paperwork
  • The moving of the deceased at home or transport to a safe place
  • Arranging transportation for the deceased on the day of the funeral
  • Arranging a burial or cremation (burial and cremation fees vary)
  • Care of the body or supporting you to care for the body at home
  • Dress and care of the body, prior to funeral
  • A simple coffin
  • Research on pricing and booking of venues
  • Coordinating readings, eulogies, music, visuals, orders of service, keepsakes
  • Consultation on creative elements you can contribute yourself
  • Regular contact by email, phone, Skype or Zoom
  • Arrangements for you to collect the ashes

Priced individually

You may wish to add:

  • Your choice of coffin
  • A shroud
  • Additional vehicle hire
  • Arranging transport for family and congregation
  • Presiding at the ceremony
  • Order of ceremony booklets
  • Flowers
  • Hire of audio visual equipment
  • Delivery of ashes back to you
  • Additional ceremonies and events, such as wakes and ashes scattering

Any of the above can be modified or exchanged for other options, sometimes resulting in a change in cost. These items are researched and priced at the time of need. We will get a quote to you as soon as you have decided what you want. It can be altered or amended in the future. We offer a cost effective service and want you to be in charge of how you spend your money.

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