We are real people you can reach out to – here to support you through the difficult times and help you negotiate the information.

Our coverage of areas

We are based in Brighton on the South Coast, but can organise a funeral more or less anywhere. We like offering a local service, but we’ll be happy to coordinate events further afield. No journey is too far and we’re happy to offer support from a distance.


  • Use the information on this website to begin thinking about what you would like the funeral to be like.
  • Call us or send us an email explaining a bit about what you would like to do. We are here for telephone support and consultation. We can work out roughly how much support you would like from us both logistical and ceremonial.
  • We’ll make an appointment to meet you, in person if possible, or via skype. We don’t have to meet if you prefer to arrange everything over the phone and via email. If the person has already died, families often like us to visit them at home. We can lend moral support, mobilize the community around the deceased, and help with paperwork. We can also use the time to explore ceremonial support and ideas.
  • We’ll capture your requirements and create a costed plan for you. We can offer you a person to support you through the entire process or you can pick and choose if you want somebody to do the legwork – with, or for you. You might also chose to appoint another celebrant.
  • Once you are happy with the costed plan, we can begin arranging the funeral.

We will provide you with a bespoke price plan and payment schedule after our initial meeting.

Read more about the ways we can support you.

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