I’m Tora Colwill and I set up this independent company because I personally care about making the funeral experience as positive as it can be.

The ethos of ‘The Modern Funeral’ is to offer practical support around the planning of a funeral. We all have our own stories of experiencing the deaths of important people, but have we have also discovered the privilege of some meaningful and as positive as possible experiences around death. We are absolutely empathetic to your situation and needs.

Working closely by your side, we will aim to simplify the process for you and can advise you of your vast array of options, being mindful of cost, whilst creating a highly personalised, edifying experience.

Company Director Tora is an undertaker, funeral arranger and qualified civil celebrant:

“I have officiated funerals in natural burial grounds and crematoria around the country. My experience has led me to reflect on our approaches to death and I continue to explore the possibilities of a more personalised funeral ritual. I have come to understand that I want death to be a part of my life on my own terms. I offer my services to help other people.

It’s important for us to help and support one another in difficult times. Through taking on this type of work I have found the unexpected benefit of becoming more comfortable with the idea of death and what it means for me personally.

I will help you take control of the circumstances, get all the jobs done, and make the best of things.”

“You were such a shining, caring presence at a time of unexpected turmoil. Thank you so much for all the energies, effort and comfort that you shared with us all last month. Such a massive thank you.” – Hannah

The Modern Funeral is part of the Death Conversation.

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