Here is a curated selection of some of the coffins we can supply. These coffins can be decorated and presented in many different ways.

There are plenty more options, so visit us if you’d like to discover more.

  • Evergreen Cardboard Coffin

    A woodland green coloured cardboard coffin. Surprisingly chic and also comes in white or a simple, plain cardboard finish with rope handles. 

    Come in before the funeral day and decorate it here if that feels right – messages in gold or contrasting colours can personalise this coffin beautifully. 

    Price – £390

  • Classic Wood Effect Coffin

    The classic traditional option of a wood effect coffin is available in different tones, from a lime washed to deep mahogany effect, with your choice of silver or gold coloured handles and fittings. 

    Add a seasonal spray of flowers or drape with a flag or blanket of your choice.

    Price – £400

  • Custom Colour Coffin

    A Custom Colour Coffin is a classic shaped wood effect coffin that can be customised in any shade from the Dulux professional colour palette, from a pretty pastel lilac or forget-me-not blue to a vibrant canary yellow. 

    Choose a favourite colour or think about how to best complement the flower arrangement. Different styles of handles are available.

    Price – £500

  • Handmade Sussex Willow Coffin

    Our friends at Sussex Willow coffins weave these beauties and matching woven urns. 

    Handmade from willow grown in Sussex, you can even visit the workshop and have a go if you would like to weave some yourself. Being sourced and delivered locally, this is an environmentally sound option. 

    See for more information.

    Price – £800

  • English Made Walnut Coffin

    This stylish English made walnut coffin has a minimalist design with soft, rounded ends. 

    Decorated with a wooden book which can be inscribed with a personal message and a detachable keepsake butterfly.

    Available in Walnut, Maple and Oak finish

    Price – £690

  • Solid Wood Coffin

    This unassuming solid wood coffin has a natural, honest look. It is simple and understated yet beautiful. You can choose for the wood to come untreated or coated with a water based natural polish.

    The whole coffin, including the handles, can be painted any Dulux colour of your choice. A matt black is a bold statement and can be topped with white lilies, or a splash of colour might suit best.

    Price – £600

  • Woven Bamboo Coffin

    Our woven bamboo coffin is made from sustainable and flexible bamboo cane, a strong natural material. Please allow for slight natural variation in the colour of the bamboo cane, it is straw coloured with a light green hue. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet.

    Decorate with garlands around the side or a tie personal messages to the toggles around the side.

    Price – £450

  • Rounded Willow Coffin

    Teardrop shaped edges and a warm natural tone make this willow coffin a gentle option. Personalise by choosing a colour finish from the extensive Dulux colour range.

    Consider adding favourite flowers and herbs, ask for a seasonal arrangement from a florist, or make a tied sheath using raffia wrapped around flowers gathered from the garden.

    Price – £600 in golden colour and £750 in Dulux custom colours

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