personalised funeral flowers using colours with meaning, in this case purple, green and white to represent the suffragette movement
Creative touches

Funeral flowers

There are many ways to use flowers in funerals. They are colourful, meaningful, aromatic and can create an optimistic, welcoming atmosphere at your gathering. They have also been a part of burial practice throughout human history and prehistory. Archaeologists have found evidence of flowers at ancient gravesites across the world, such as the mint, figwort […]

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Death Café at The Modern Funeral premises
Death conversation

Death Café

What is a Death Café?   A Death Café is a gathering where people discuss their feelings about and experiences with death. A host might lead the discussion, but the people attending drive each session, so no two are the same. However, each serves to help the guests learn more about death, its reality, its meaning, […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and funerals