Our fee of £1660 covers


  • Our full support throughout the process
  • A relaxed family visit in person, or conversation via Zoom to discuss options
  • Help to complete the paperwork
  • Arranging a burial or cremation (burial and cremation fees vary)
  • Dress and care of the body, prior to funeral
  • Research on pricing and booking of venues
  • Where there is a gathering we can coordinate readings, eulogies, music, visuals, orders of service, keepsakes
  • Consultation on creative elements you can contribute yourself
  • Regular contact by email, phone, Skype or Zoom
  • Arrangements for you to collect the ashes either from us or from the office at the crematorium 


  • Bringing the person who has died into our care within our office hours


  • Place to rest in our care


  • Arranging transportation for the deceased on the day of the funeral

Priced individually

You may wish to add:

  • Your choice of coffin
  • A shroud
  • Your choice of hearse
  • Additional vehicle
  • Arranging transport for family and congregation
  • Presiding at the ceremony
  • Order of ceremony booklets
  • Flowers
  • Pre-funeral gathering in our chapel
  • Child-friendly pre-funeral activities
  • Hire of audio visual equipment
  • Delivery of ashes back to you
  • Additional ceremonies and events, such as wakes and ashes scattering

Any of the above can be modified or exchanged for other options, sometimes resulting in a change in cost. These items are researched and priced at the time of need. We will get a quote to you as soon as you have decided what you want. It can be altered or amended in the future. We offer a cost effective service and want you to be in charge of how you spend your money.

We don’t limit the ways we can help and support you at this critical time. We also offer bespoke assistance, with prices available on request. Call us to discuss anything on 01273 569052. 

Bespoke assistance

Get creative

We define a creative funeral as a bespoke funeral in which every detail is personalised. This might result in a very lavish affair, customised to perfection.

Perhaps it makes sense to have different ceremonies for different groups of people. There may be the involvement of young children to consider.

We may be able to offer you support, or you might want to go it alone. We are here to collaborate with you, not to impose our way of doing things.

We can create ceremonies to cover more or less any style or theme. Our focus on custom services means we can easily scale our services from the simple to the extravagant.

At home

Tora has completed a ‘Home Funeral Care’ course. We can support you to care for a loved one at home ahead of the funeral – wherever that may be, and whatever form it might take.

This choice gives you considerable time to accustom yourself to the massive life changes that a death can bring. It will give you the chance to say goodbye in your own time.

Ceremony only

Maybe you are arranging a no fuss funeral but would like to get creative with the ceremony. Perhaps you have a favoured family funeral director but want some extra help to create a special ceremony. We are here to get involved as much or as little as you want.

We can help you put together an authentic ceremony and support you to say what  you need to say. Amazing funerals happen when loved ones are able to speak from their hearts.

If you would like Tora to officiate at a ceremony, call us on 0330 111 7552.

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