A message from our founder, Tora Colwill:

“I started ‘The Modern Funeral’ to provide cost-effective, meaningful funeral experiences beyond my immediate friend and family circle. The mystery of funerals I attended as a child confused me, and once I realised there was no restriction on being more involved, I could see a natural way forward.

I learnt about how other cultures experience death – often at much closer quarters than is currently normal for us. Through exploring the topic, and lots of pondering, I noticed a shift in perspective as I began to feel more accepting of the idea of mortality, and simultaneously happier about my life. I have gained an insight into how the process of working around death can be both moving and profound. There is actually plenty of good, and we can get through the bad times together.”

Here are some of our core philosophies:

Death is a part of life

Death is a universal truth that unites us all. Through confronting death, we begin to understand how to make the most of our lives without fear.

Say goodbye in the right way

Preparing for, and working around, someone’s death is an opportunity to act and establish the the best way forward. This is one of the last things you can do for a person.

Make good decisions at difficult times

Take all the time you need to find straightforward answers that feel right. A lot can be achieved in a short space of time with the right intuition or guidance. If you have the chance, then consider these things on a good day – set yourself free to get on with enjoying your time.

Reclaim our dead

We are in control of what happens to our dead. This aspect of our work is a privilege. Be brave. There is a road through grief. Caring for someone’s body is one of the last jobs you can do for them. How would you like your own body to be treated?

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