This page is designed to get you thinking about the possibilities of getting creative with the ceremony. It is by no means a fully comprehensive list! Get in touch with us if you have ideas of your own symbolic gestures or acts that might help inspire others.

Orders of service

Compiling and designing an order of service can be a nice job for somebody computer savvy in the lead up to the ceremony.

It doesn’t have to include the order of the ceremony itself. Perhaps you would like to choose a collection of pictures to be printed as postcards for people to keep, maybe with a meaningful reading on the back.

Urns / Scatter tubes

We can provide you with a simple, well-made scatter tube that you can design yourself by writing, drawing, or painting on it. They also come covered in your choice of high-quality printed design.

You can find urns that are beautiful objects of art – crafted in many materials.

Performers and live musicians

Live music can make a funeral very memorable. Think of a New Orleans funeral march. Much is possible, just remember to consider technical requirements and the needs of other mourners if you will be in a shared space such as a crematorium.

A customised carpenter-made coffin

We can put you in touch with friendly and talented local carpenters who can help you design and make your own coffin. Using locally sourced, beautiful, sustainable wood of course.

Audio and visual recording of the event

Any funeral can be recorded – as long as everyone attending is comfortable with the idea. This could be useful if certain family members are overseas and unable to attend in-person. Or perhaps you would simply like a record of the important day.

A memorial video

The footage from the funeral could be edited into a memorial video that can be shared with mourners whether they were in attendance of the event or not.

Ashes turned into a firework

Ashes scattering ceremonies can go with a real bang! You can have some of the ashes turned into a rocket that can be fired upwards to disperse among the stars, perhaps over a meaningful favourite place.

Ashes turned into a diamond

The ashes can be processed into a a glittering stone which can be set in jewellery for you to keep or wear with you always.

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