Who we are

I’m Tora Colwill and I set up this independent company because I personally care about making the funeral experience as positive as it can be. The ethos of ‘The Modern Funeral’ is to offer practical support around the planning of a funeral. We all have our own stories of experiencing the deaths of important people, […]

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Why we do it

A message from our founder, Tora Colwill: “I started ‘The Modern Funeral’ to provide cost-effective, meaningful funeral experiences beyond my immediate friend and family circle. The mystery of funerals I attended as a child confused me, and once I realised there was no restriction on being more involved, I could see a natural way forward. […]

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Honest talk

The Death Conversation The Death Conversation is about discussing and sharing anything and everything relating to the topics of death and dying. We recognise that owing to an element of denial death has become too much of a taboo subject and yet it is the Great Equaliser and a Universal Truth. We can learn to […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and funerals