Ways to go

Our complete guide to the options Forget the rules you thought you knew. Death is a part of our lives. If we embrace it, we can face our fears together. Taking an alternative, empowered-approach to funerals allows us to question convention and find answers that make sense to us. If you’re considering an alternative funeral, […]

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Finishing touches

This page is designed to get you thinking about the possibilities of getting creative with the ceremony. It is by no means a fully comprehensive list! Get in touch with us if you have ideas of your own symbolic gestures or acts that might help inspire others.

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Working with us

We are real people you can reach out to – here to support you through the difficult times and help you negotiate the information. Our coverage of areas We are based in Brighton on the South Coast, but can organise a funeral more or less anywhere. We like offering a local service, but we’ll be […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and funerals