Coronavirus (COVID-19) and funerals

No-fuss funerals

No-fuss funerals allow you to do what needs to be done without a ceremony at the time of the funeral. We can arrange for a direct cremation to take place right away. This option is low cost, and allows for a ceremony or memorial to happen in your own time. Our no fuss funerals start […]

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Bespoke assistance

Get creative We define a creative funeral as a bespoke funeral in which every detail is personalised. This might result in a very lavish affair, customised to perfection. Perhaps it makes sense to have different ceremonies for different groups of people. There may be the involvement of young children to consider. We may be able […]

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A modern funeral

We cover all aspects of a funeral that you would normally expect, with none of the extras you might not need or want. There is still plenty of room to tweak things, and we’ll happily guide you through all the options. Keeping the funeral simple can allow for spontaneity and true meaning. We offer you […]

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