Our complete guide to the options

Forget the rules you thought you knew. Death is a part of our lives. If we embrace it, we can face our fears together. Taking an alternative, empowered-approach to funerals allows us to question convention and find answers that make sense to us.

If you’re considering an alternative funeral, then the form it takes is totally up to you. In this way you can create an amazing event that is deeply personal for many people.

Equally you don’t have to surprise people with the arrangements you choose. It’s about managing the expectations of people who attend. Sometimes a funeral that ticks all the usual boxes is just what we need.

We can help you achieve this in a positive, cost-effective way. If a flamboyant detailed affair is in order then we will employ the same approach.

You are not legally required to have a funeral at all, but a body must be dealt with in a legal manner – the usual options are cremation or burial.


The necessaries to think about.

Cremation, burial, and beyond
Home funeral
Natural burial
Preparing and carrying the coffin


If there is to be a funeral then you will need to decide upon a location and date, and make sure that everyone knows what is happening.

Then choose a structure for the day. Consider your budget: a simple funeral where there is room to accept help from your immediate community may be the order of the day.

Places and spaces
Rituals and ceremonies
Readings and eulogies
Masters of ceremonies
Keepsakes and gestures
Flowers and tributes
Music and laughter
Scattering ashes


Hopefully you’ll feel a sense of uplift and togetherness after the funeral itself. Now is the time to gather together to share more tears and laughter in a setting that suits you.

The afterparty
What happens to our social media when we die?
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